Parade Float History

Victory Corps has been providing parade float supplies since the 1940's. Victory Corps, formerly known as Vanghn Displays Company, was the world's largest manufacturer of parade float kits by the mid-1950s. An article about the company's historywas recently featured in the Smithsonian National Museum of American History. Victory Corps has left a lasting impression throughout American History and the history of Parades.

Continuing in the spirit of Parade Float Design, Victory Corps features many options for the professional float builder to the small town community group. We offer simplistic and easy to build float kits along with the supplies needed to create a custom parade float work of art! Parade Floats have been Victory Corps specialty over 60 years! Trust that Victory Corps will offer a variety of parade float supplies from Vinyl Floral Sheeting, to decorative Twist and Multi-Color Fringe and Patriotic Flags.

Parades are centuries old, many owe their origins to Nice, Italy. These events were the inspiration for Mardi Gars in New Orleans, Carnival in Rio and hundreds of other carnival parades throughout the world. There are now over 50,000 parades in the United States alone. The parades are staged for many reasons such as celebration of community, for political, social and cultural events. The Tournament of Roses Parade is the third highest network rated show behind the Super Bowl and the Academy Awards.

In the business of building floats it is often called a "production." It achieves the appearance of floating through its special construction and its embellishments, including fringe, which hides the wheels and gives it the look of being suspended in the air, gliding along without support. There are schools that offer credits to students of manual training classes for their work in building floats for the hometown parade. Many small business owners build floats in garage spaces. (Keeping it carefully hidden until the day of glory.) Victory Corps offers many different styles of Easy Float Kits, Vinyl Floral Sheeting and Twist and Multi-Color Fringe to help make the perfect parade float for your company or cause.