Floral Sheeting Info

What Is It?

Floral sheeting is a unique, lightweight sheet of vinyl with die-cut petals that are securely glued to the surface. The result is an eye-catching, dimensional material that practically begs to be touched.


Easy to Use

Why use Floral Sheeting for your next event, party, retail display or parade float?

     + Cut it and Staple or Tape it - It’s that easy!
     + Attractively covers large surfaces at a Low Cost
     + Many colors available to coordinate to any theme
     + No hemming or fraying and very little waste
     + Creates a buzz with it’s attractive and unique nature


Event Applications

Floral Sheeting Special Occasions
Make a statement and create a buzz at your next corporate gathering, banquet, wedding or award ceremony with this unique material.

Floral Sheeting Table Coverings
Add a great accent to tables with Floral Sheeting! By simply combining two sheets together, you can create a table cover of any size or use it as a skirt for an inexpensive, yet impactful element.

Floral Sheeting Columns & Backdrops
Use Floral Sheeting to create attention-grabbing backdrops that provide depth and color for a maximum effect! Floral Sheeting is versatile enough to use on columns or walls.


Retail Applications

Floral Sheeting Windows Displays
When you use Floral Sheeting, your Window Displays are sure to stand apart from the competition. Floral Sheeting is specifically designed to accentuate your products and draw customers into your store.

Floral Sheeting In-Store Displays
Create attention with the shine and shimmer of Floral Sheeting on floor displays and walls for a maximum effect. Whatever your application is, your displays will stand out!

Floral Sheeting Table Displays
Use Floral Sheeting to turn any in-store counter top or table into a highly impactful and eye-catching display. Floral Sheeting is versatile and easy to use and has a wide palette of colors to choose from. Transform any table into an expensive looking display without breaking the budget.


Parade Float Applications

Create a Parade Float that you will want to Show Off!
Building a parade float is much easier than you may think! With just a bit of effort and our dynamic materials, you’ll have a float to be proud of in no time. Whether you choose your own combination of our floral sheeting, fringe and twist or a complete float kit, you are sure to be happy with the results.

When you think parade float decorating, think vinyl floral sheeting. This rolled material has sparkle, dimension and texture. Use it to cover a trailer bed, the tow vehicle or areas of a prop. Our premium Metallic Floral Sheeting adds extra flair to a parade float by providing a rich appearance to your creation. Our 3-foot wide sheeting comes in 30 ft rolls for easy handling.